Alison Redwood BSc (Hons) CAPG

Founder and Grooming Director, Ali's K9 Care
Certified Advanced Professional Groomer
Member of IPG
Canine first aid certified

07511 906630

Ali has been running Ali's K9 Care in Verwood successfully since 2008. Ali's K9 Care operates from a bespoke designed grooming studio in the heart of Verwood. Its success is built upon the loyalty of its customers who come back time and time again for a friendly and professional service.

Ali's K9 Care is unique, as Ali is flexible to her clients' individual needs. She is a Certified Advanced Professional Groomer with the IPG and furthermore Ali has achieved a BSc (Hons) in Psychology including Animal Psychology. Although Ali is trained in and able to work to all breed standards, she is more than happy to cut to personal and lifestyle requirements. You will leave with your pet styled your way! For continued professional development she is currently training for the International Certified Master Groomer certification, a very sought after award!

Ali's K9 Care puts the dog and its owner first. She ensures that every dog enjoys its grooming experience. Ali only uses positive training methods. Ali also works with the Guide Dogs to groom current and withdrawn Guide Dogs.

For clients' peace of mind Ali is police checked and fully insured. She is also certified in emergency dog first aid which includes dealing with haemorrhaging, wounds, burns, fractures, sprains, poisons, stings, choking and much more. Should the situation arise she is able to examine, administer first aid and attempt to resuscitate if necessary.

At home, Ali has re-homed a withdrawn Guide Dog, Obi, who was withdrawn due to being scared of being handled and going to the vets. Slowly, Ali has worked gently with Obi until now she is able to have a bath, brush and ears cleaned daily and nails trimmed every week. Before she was rehomed with Ali, she had to be given a general anaesthetic to have her ears checked!

Ruth Langford

Grooming Stylist, Ali's K9 Care
Canine first aid certified

07715 634789

Ruth Langford offers grooming services on Tuesdays and Saturdays in the studio. Ruth is incredibly experienced with dogs having spent the last three and a half years working for the RSPCA. She also holds a level 3 diploma in animal management and recently spent a month in South Africa, conducting wildlife conservation research. This involved surveying elephants, lions, leopards and cheetahs plus plenty more!

She is a kind and calm person and has her own dog, a Working Cocker, called Mowgli.

Lianne Osborne CPG

Grooming Stylist, Ali's K9 Care
Certified Professional Groomer
Member of IPG
Canine first aid certified

Lianne has been awarded the Certified Professional Groomer status with the IPG, of which she is also a member. Lianne works in the salon part time, is very experienced with dogs (I don’t think there’s a breed she doesn’t know!) and has two dogs herself, Charlie the Lab x German Shepherd and Maggie the Boxer plus a menagerie of Guinea Pigs, Cats and Goldfish. When she is not grooming she is either on a run or looking after her three lovely children.

Halle Earley

Grooming Assistant
Canine first aid certified

Halle assists Ali in the salon on Saturdays. Halle is currently a student at Queen Elizabeth’s School. She has a dog of her own, Buddy, a Shih Tzu. When she is not at the salon Halle enjoys art and spending time with her family.

As a member of the IPG, groomers promise to:

  • Treat humanely all animals entrusted in my care, and place their welfare above all else.
  • Exhibit compassion and integrity when dealing with these pets, ensuring their safety and health. Exhibit a proper professional attitude and demeanor at all times.
  • Promote harmony among my peers by encouraging professionalism and continuing education. Advertise and sell the merits of my services while refraining from attacking competitors or reflecting unfairly on their services, methods of doing business, or their personal life. This includes negative posting on any social networking.
  • Honor the spirit of IPG, Inc. and to continually strive to gain respect for the industry by promoting professionalism in the field of pet grooming.
  • Work toward the highest standards in the pet styling, stay current with industry trends and continue to improve my capabilities as a professional pet groomer with higher education.
  • Be honest, fair, and responsible in all business transactions and abide by all laws affecting my business and profession. Encourage responsible pet ownership and promote the importance of professional pet care.